Mike Shaffer 


Greenwich Bay, RI, 2019

Tommy, 2006

Sherry 2004

Linda, 2001

Technology has enabled ever increasingly detailed images but my aim is to reverse this process by sidestepping ordinary quality photographic and duplicating issues and making somewhat recognizable images that are less recognizable. 

Sister Six, 2006

The I-Man  2006

Cutie, 2006

Green Irene, 2006

Adam, 2014

Ozzy, 2012

While being based on photographs, the works in this series, acquired from various sources and digitally altered, 

in my view, are too different from their original forms to be called 

photographs. Some are based on work with my own camera whereas 

others are appropriated from the electronic and print media. All are printed on paper and mounted on half-inch panel. In an effort to present them at close to the size of a normal face, all are 12 x 12 inches.

Ed Topless, 2006

Guess Who Two, 2010

Dr. John,  2005

G-Dad, 2004

Installation, Urbana Library, Urbana, MD, 2008

Two Jims, 2004

Installation, Private Residence,

Frederick, MD, 2019

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