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Mike Shaffer

Mike Shaffer



At Glenview Mansion Gallery, Rockville, MD 1997 

Ever since I was a young guy in the 1960s, I had a deep-seated fascination with the theories and philosophies associated with the fundamental definitions of what has come to be known as art. So it is no surprise that the idea of some sort of multidisciplinary perspective has for years influenced my thinking. Beyond such speculation, I cannot offer an explanation for the diverse approach I have taken to my work but aside from several forays into the unknown to experiment, I decided around 2000 to take up with a reoccurring preoccupation with lines and linear-based ideologies based in part on the work of Agnes Martin and Mondrian. I want to make things that are uniquely entertaining, thought-provoking, important and relevant.   


In front of studio, 2004

e-Mike Wearing.jpeg

Me Wearing Dave's Glasses, Digital image from graphite on paper, 2005

For more information search GOOGLE for "mike shaffer sculpture" 

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