M I K E  S H A F F E R 



Small format books about various series of work are available on request. The books measure 5.5 x 4.0 inches and contain approximately 65 pages.

CROSSING LINES—The Line Paintings Series----Introduction and details about works in the Line Painting Series; 64 pages including cover with 34 color images, 14th Edition, 2007.

FACING IDENTITY THEFT—The New Portrait Series----Introduction and information about the New Portrait Series; 68 pages including cover with 37 color images,
10th Edition, 2008.

CHAOS X ORDER = INFINITY—Conceptual Constructs—>Multiple Minds
(Archives)----Descriptions of over 30 series of sculpture, painting, drawing, and
conceptual work produced since the 1970s: 72 pages including cover with 93 color images, 8th Edition, 2008.

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